Lego Phone

A modular smartphone designed to encourage 13-18 year olds to re-evaluate their perspective on what Lego is capable of, whilst empowering the creative within.

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Tasked with developing a concept to encourage 13-18 year olds to re-evaluate their perception of the Lego brand as more than just something for kids, I began to think about what appeals to the age range. The task also called for a deliverable which empowers the creative within.


Incorporating the core philosophy of versatility and customisation that Lego is famous for into a useful and educational device to be used daily, the Lego Phone aims to empower and inspire the next generation to build their future.

Endlessly Configurable

Built upon a piece of green circuit board, users simply need to pop Lego Bricks, embedded with device components, into place and wrap the grip case around. Individual bricks would feature integrated components of different quality. Want a better camera? Why buy another phone when you can buy a new dual camera brick?

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Technological Empowerment

It’s often joked in the PC building community that computers are expensive Lego builds. Buy a part and just slot it into place. This is reflected in the modular Lego Phone, which attempts to educate it’s audience by familiarising them with each component in a phone. No longer will teens see phones as a solid glass brick, but instead a device composed of various components.

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Mass Appeal

The novel nature of the Lego Phone would likely spark mass appeal. The only modular smartphone of its kind speaks to tech enthusiasts, and its endless upgradability encourages waste-conscious customers. Nostalgia is likely to also encourage older customers, who had formative experiences building with Lego, to see the strides the brand has made and consider picking a cheap configuration to have fun with.

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