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Adding a new dimension to the world’s favourite streaming platform, Spotify Live allows artist and influencers to share live content with the world.

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As part of the D&AD New Blood Awards, Spotify asked for submissions which propose a new feature to allow users to share their experiences and enhance the platform’s social attributes. They wanted this novel feature to tap into the social reach of all users, no matter their size.


Due to COVID restrictions on public gatherings, many artists took their live performances online, but none of this dynamic content found its way to Spotify. Our approach was to therefore implement a feature which allows for users and artists to host live music sessions with the world. This push allows Spotify to claim a slice of the ever-popular livestream format, and further promote social interaction.


At the heart of the Live experience sits the distinct Live player, familiar to current users, but tweaked to cater for new social content. The most notable feature here is the Live Chat, which allows the host and their audience to interact in real time. The chat is also packed with powerful integrations, allowing users to post stickers, request music, and send tips.

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Spotify Live allows for artists big and small to share live footage of their performances through the app. Concerts, open-mic nights, or even just jam sessions can be streamed with the world easily. Artists can bring their sounds to the home of music, not just a general use social media.

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Providing Spotify Live to just artists would create a disconnect with the core userbase. Tools like this are supposed to democratise music creation, not segregate it, which is why Spotify Live allows for users to host live music sessions of their custom built playlists. Users can build and narrate over their collections, allowing them to become their very own DJ, or guide listeners on a surreal audio experience.

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Spotify Live learns from the recently introduced Podcasts by integrating the new content throughout the app. Users can find recommended live content in the Home and Search tabs, and subscribe to artists and influencers to find content in their Library, and to be notified about new releases.




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