A vaccine passport app which presents information vital to travel in a universally recognisable format.

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COVID-19 has shaken up many aspects of our lives, with international travel likely to be forever changed. With the rise of talk around Vaccine Passports, I wanted to create an app to store immunisation records, which can store more than just COVID info and is universally understandable.


Simplicity was key in the design process. This app should be quickly opened and scanned all across the world. The QR codes link would link to a common database of vaccine records, with data such as names and dates shown in addition. The app features a light colour scheme to amplify the universally recognised traffic light system, allowing authorities to quickly determine status without needing to understand the holder’s language.

Universally Understood

The clean app template allows users and viewers to interact with the app with total ease. A universal design language containing a simple search bar and large cards allows for tech-illiterate users to present with confidence. The traffic light colour scheme and use of QR codes allows for simple cross border understanding by the relevant authorities.

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No Matter Where

The travel tabs shows users where their vaccines are valid, also following the simple colour scheme template. They might be COVID vaccinated, but they might be missing certain jabs required for entry in other countries. Vaxpass provides an intuitive travel feature, which allows for users to plan their trips accordingly.

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