Introducing the New Home of Gospel, Wavo brings the genre’s greatest, a series of high quality playlists, and the latest news, all into a modern and engaging app.

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B43 Design was tasked with designing a music streaming app built exclusively for gospel content. It needed to be universally accessible, yet stand out from similar platforms. It had to provide dynamic discovery features in a novel and intuitive fashion. It needed pair a stunning visual design with powerful features in order to encourage gospel fans to switch platforms.


Wavo’s bold and modern design provides a visually powerful app design, which dynamically adjusts to the content on offer. Fresh users will be instantly familiar with the methods of interaction, without feeling like they’ve seen it all before. A two tone visual identity is featured throughout the app, with a nearly back background recessed behind a darkened glass overall, providing aesthetic value and maximising legibility app-wide.


Wavo is coloured by the artists you listen to, literally. A soft black glass overlay distorts an enlarged artwork, providing a unique background for each album and artist. This accompanies smooth action transitions, allowing for expanded options and the queue to slide across the screen, rather than obstruct it.

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Discovery is integral to the Wavo experience. We felt that whilst continuous playback of similar artists is great for rapid discovery, true immersion is the best way to discover your new favourite artists. Wavo Weekly is a curated set of artists that you’d love, presented in a dedicated player which allows users tracks down into their library, or up into one of their playlists. We wanted to replicate the feeling of musical discovery, by cutting out all but the song in this streamlined experience.

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In order to truly act as ‘The New Home of Gospel’, Wavo needed to provide more than just music. News and articles populate the app, with dynamic content including album reviews and religious musings being neatly slotted throughout the app.

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“So pleased with the work that B43 Design has done. Wavo has come a long way, and we couldn’t have done it without him.”

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