We See You

A collaborative poster campaign supporting key workers of all kinds during COVID-19 through a free support service.

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As part of the Art For Our Frontline Workers campaign to raise money to fund a support line for key workers fighting the COVID pandemic, Kohenoor Kamal and myself were asked to produce a poster to support those who’ve put their lives at risk. We were given free reign to produce a poster which would be included in the series, which would be displayed publicly and sold individually.


Both Kohenoor and myself have family members who’ve worked throughout the pandemic, but not in roles typically appreciated and celebrated. We wanted our poster to shine a light on those who’ve worked so hard to keep a modicum of normality in these times. Cleaners, electricians, plumbers, social workers, couriers and so many more.

We Thank You

Our bright and positive poster design features just a small handful of workers who’ve done so much. We join the calls of support for our NHS workers, but acknowledge that if not for those providing both utility and comfort, our lives would have been profoundly altered. COVID didn’t halt many comforts. Takeaways still delivered. Next day delivery was still honoured. Shelves remained full. None of this was an accident.

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Better Together

Working with Kohenoor was an absolute pleasure. She’s a great friend and illustrator who’s work complimented the type design perfectly. You should check out her projects and send her a message if you’re looking for a talented illustrator who’s passionate about their work.

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